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16 best iPhone apps you must try

With over more than 2 million apps available in the app store, it is tough to decide which one is the best out there to download. I have tested 15 iPhone apps and thought of sharing my views on these. The iPhone apps list out here is on various categories such as productivity, utilities, photography and books. Some of these apps are free while others are paid or comes in an in-app purchase.

#1 Blinkist

Blinkist allows you to read books in 15 minutes only. It summarizes the core content of the book. There are about 40 new books added every month so the content is always growing and most of the books here are audio available supporting offline mode.
It comes with a 7day free trial period and 5900 per year which comes to around 491 per month. Though this app has a lot to offer, however, the monthly only subscription for 999 rs is what I feel is slightly higher compared to Kindle and other book reading apps out there. 


#2 Wattpad

It is one of the largest online community for readers and writers. The platform claims to have an audience of more than 70 million users, who can directly interact with the writers and share their opinions with fellow readers.
This app comes with a subscription fess of 369/month or 3649 per year.


#3 Scripts

With just a few swipes of a finger, users will be able to write Japanese Kana, Korean Hangul, and traditional Hanzi characters. This is a free app, so do give it a try if you want to learn some languages.


#4 Documents

It is the best file manager app you can have in iPhone and its completely free. You can connect your various cloud service like google drive, dropbox FTP servers all your files from different cloud services can be accessed from one single app.
There is built-in the browser inside the app which allows you to download a variety of files which you cannot do it from default browsers. You can enable the WebDAV server and access its contents from a computer.


#5 Splitwise

This is another free app which comes in handy when you need to split some expenses between friends and even groups. All expenses you want to share are organized in one place and everyone in the group can see the amount they owe.


#6 Raw +

There is no doubt a RAW photo offers better image quality and control than a JPEG, but capturing RAW images was once a feature only for DSLRs. But thanks to increasingly capable smartphone cameras and clever developers, it’s now possible to shoot RAW photos on your iPhone with this app.

With the clean UI and manual control for ISO, shutter speed and white balance, RAW + help you to get the perfect shot from your iPhone.
Price of this app is 399 Rs. to remove ads and watermark.


#7 Afterlight 2

This app has about 130 + filters and editing options including adjustments such as exposure, hue, saturation and lot more. You can get this app for 249 Rs.


#8 Storyart

This app will help you to create beautiful Instagram stories and has a large collection of free and premium templates to start with. You can purchase the premium templates within the app.


#9 Tailor

With the help of this app, you can stitch your multiple screenshots in one single image. So if you want to take a screenshot of full webpage just take some overlapping screenshots and this app will magically stitch them together for you. This is a completely free app so do a checkout on this.


#10 Webduo

Another, free app on this list is Webduo. It allows you to browse two websites simultaneously side by side on any ios device.


#11 Unichar

Ever wanted to type in symbol or Unicode character in iPhone? Well, then this app has some beautiful Unicode symbol collection which is not available on the default keyboard. Just select the desired symbol, copy it and paste it any of you social media or documents.
This app has an in-app purchase of 249 rs, which allows you to unlock a lot more symbols. However, there are a lot of free symbols and characters out there so, I don’t feel the requirement of premium purchase.



1111 looks like a fancy app but let me tell you this is the DNS resolver app by Cloudflare with the focus not only on privacy protection but it is the fastest DNS available as of now.most of the ISP’s provide default DNS and they have a log of all your browsing activities which they sell for a profitable gain Therefore it is always recommended to use a manual DNS server and 1111 is the only DNS server which completely protects your privacy. However, it doesn’t mask your IP address, unlike the VPN.
This app is completely free. So, you must use this app to protect your privacy on the internet.


#13 Qucikclip

Qucikclip is a clipboard manager which saves your copied items and you can use them later. Price of this app is 79 Rs.


#14 Siri Shortcuts

This is the most interesting iPhone app out there on this list. Shortcuts is a way to get things done quickly. It enables you to create a personal shortcut within the app It has over 300 + built-in shortcuts. You can create a shortcut which can download youtube videos with one click, save your battery and a lot of other. Do check out the link below.


#15 PDF Elements

Pdf elements is a free pdf editor developed by Wondershare and are the best iPhone app which I have found out. It helps you to edit annotate, combine pdf documents easily. Just create a Wondershare account and you are good to go. You can also convert pdf documents to other file formats such as word, excel ppt and so on.


#16 Unsplash

It is the best photos app I have come across. With Unsplash, you get high-resolution images which you can download and save as a wallpaper. The best thing about this app is all the images in Unsplash are royalty-free so you can use it for your blog post or youtube videos.



So, these were the iPhone apps which I have tested and used on my iPhone and some, of these apps, are used by me daily. Do let me know which of these apps you like the best and share any other apps which you might think is the best.

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