10 Insane Free Social Media Tools 


Running a business can be time-consuming as well as super demanding. Manually handling the marketing as well as the social media of the business to gain traction can also be quite a work. 

To keep operating all the social media accounts and other business operations manually, you will have to spend an ample amount of time on it.


As in the present times, social media has become an essential element of the business. The one way to manage all your social media accounts and succeed in business is to automate all the tedious tasks with smart social media tools. 


Lucky for you, nowadays, there are numerous options of advanced tools available for you that can take care of all tedious tasks while also boosting your business engagement with the audience. 

With smart social media tools, you can easily manage all your social media operations, such as creating content, publishing content, managing it, and measuring it properly.

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To help you automate the operations of social media for your business, we have curated a list of useful and excellent tools for you. 

These insane and impeccable tools can help you succeed with minimum time and effort. 


Venngage – Infographic Maker 

Striving to create engaging and appealing content for your business? If yes, then Venngage is the best social media tool for you. 


Venngage social media tool is popular for creating simple and attractive data for your audience. This useful social media tool is commonly used to convert complicated data into more accessible and attractive content. This infographic designing tool enables its users to create graphs, charts, and attractive posts. 

Statistic, Analytic, Diagram, Pie Chart

With the Venngage infographic tool, users can easily access creative templates and drag and drop features for accessing clip arts, themes, free form designs, and more. 


Happyhues.co -Preview of colors 

To make your business social media look attractive and appealing, you must opt for eye-catching colors. 

The color scheme of your social media accounts for 60% traction from your audience.

However, Creating the right color scheme for your social media can be a bit tricky sometimes. Well, to access some classic and appealing colors, the best social media tool is Happy Hues. Co. 

color guide picture

The Happyhues. co platform provides its users with the most eye-catching color palettes. Users can also use this color palette platform to get inspirational ideas to make their site look unique. 


IGBlade – Insta analytics 

Measuring the engagement of your social media accounts is also an essential process. 

To analyze and measure the performance of your social media, you can use Igblade. 

With IGBlade, you can automate the process of measuring Instagram analytics easily. 


From checking Instagram followers to measuring the engagement rate of your business, you can analyze it all with one platform. 

Graph, Diagram, Growth, Report, Analyst

Check relevant statistics and brand performance without having the need to log in to your social media accounts. 

You can also save the analytics of various months and compare each one of them at the end of the Quarter. 


Jitters.video – Animated icons 

You must select Jitters.videos if you want to develop a website for the brand or company that is visually appealing. video for graphic design. Modern visuals and captivating images are essential to every website or application.

Users of Jitters.video may create appealing, elegant, and original visuals without spending any money.

Sign, Finger, Left, Human, Greeting

Hemingway – Captions / Status 

To create unique and creative content for your social media, the best tool in the market is Hemingway. 


The Hemingway tool helps in sorting complex and redundant sentences. The users of this tool can create unplagiarized and attractive content for their readers and potential customers. 


With the Hemingway tool, you convert all the hard-to-understand sentences into simple and informative content. This tool can also help you to result in increasing the engagement rate of your brand. 


The Hemingway platform helps you to analyze your content and suggest helpful changes to make your content more connective. 

Creative and quality Content is incredibly essential to attract potential customers to your brand and increase your client base. 


Animoto – Video templates 

Another incredible social media tool that can make your business creative as well as attractive is Animoto. With Animoto, you can make simple yet creative videos quickly. 

Make advertising videos for your business with fancy video templates and make your content that will stand out on social media. 

As we all know, the customers are easy to attract via videos as compared to audio. You can make amusing and attractive ad videos presenting the quality of your products and the values of your business to increase your customer base around the world. 

Website, Page, Template, Internet, Web

Unsplash – Free stock images 

Tired of looking for relevant and creative images for your social media platforms? Well, if yes, Unsplash is your go-to solution. 

Unsplash has more than hundreds of images on more than hundreds of niches. 

You can find creative, informative, inspirational as well as attractive images on Unsplash to make your social media accounts more engaging.

You can also use Unsplash simply to take inspiration and ideas to create similar images and post them on your social media account for traction. 


Smart mockups – Custom mockups 

Another useful and incredible social media tool that can help in creating product mockups for your business is Smart Mockups. 

A smart mockup is a creative tool that can help you to make a mockup of your products or the mockup of a quality product that you want to create. 

It enables its users to create a vision of a product that may or may not be in existence. 

Be creative and be cool to design a product for everybody’s needs with Smart mockups. 


Giphy.com – GIFs maker 

GIF is also another form of attractive media that is helpful and useful in getting traction for businesses. 

GIFs are easy-moving pictures that are funny, amusing, creative as well as informative to post on your business social media. 

The best tool to make appealing GIFs is Giphy.com, with hundreds and thousands of useful features. 

Giphy.com can help you with drag and drop features to use its creative and other useful options to make good GIFs.

GIFs are easy to make as well as quite appealing in getting attention from people around the world easily. 


Feedly – Content inspiration 

Feeling clueless and lost about posting creative content for your business’s social media? If yes, then we have got you covered. 

Feedly is a new and useful platform for you to take new and artistic inspirational ideas. atmosphere mood board collage sheet made of waste paper in pink and picture id1281706674?b=1&k=20&m=1281706674&s=170667a&w=0&h=cNk epnrsPi6f7yAdzpr80GN5ehP2PWgFkyShXvo4OE=


From informative videos to engaging artwork posts, Feedly can help you with everything and anything. 







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